XL 106-8P

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    XL 106-8P

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    Press Center XL, Press Center WallScren, Press Center IntantGate, Intellistar integrated software, Double sheet detector - pulling device, Preset Plus Feeder, Suction brush on feeder, Electronic Pull lay control, StaticStar Compact : No. 2 Eltex ion blowers on feeder, antistatic bars on feeder and delivery Prinect Inpress Control 2: spectrophotometric control in line with 2 reading systems: one after 4° unit and one after 8° unit, Autoplate Pro, CombiStar Pro : Technotrans ink temp control ,combined with damping refrigeration + Alcosmart, Roller wash-up device controlled by Prinect Press Center, Blanket and impression cylinders automatic washing devices with cloths by Prinect Press Center, CleanStar Plus : filter for powder spray suction Weko PowderStar AP 500 Duo, Preset Plus Delivery : a lot of preset functions and memorization, aereodinamic grippers system, slow down system, panel in delivery Non-Stop in delivery, ScrollStar : Atlas Copco compressor, AirStar Pro : central air box air cooled,

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    195 Mio.

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    Mai 2022

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