GLX 40-6 C H-UV

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    GLX 40-6 C H-UV

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    PQC-S: touch console for ink, axial, circumferential diagonal + all wash-up remote control, PCC 2.3x (Software) : CIP3/PPF converter for PQC format to trasfer directly ink profile from pre-press to press, KMS V : Komori Management System (Jobs, Report, Manteinance, Errors), KID SCREEN: Wide Screen Komori for operative informations connected to KHS-AI and PDC-SX, KHS-AI : Komori High Performance System - ,Advance Interface for Self-learning Function PDC-SX (integrated type): Auto Tracking Spectrophotometer included register adjusting control, PQA Camera control system: Quality Control; Color, Quality and Registers Control, AMR (Automatic Make Ready): automatic preset for pressure, size format, autoplate, ink, etc,., Central single suction belt on feeder, Preset size adjustment on feeder, Ultrasonic sensor double-sheet control, Pneumatic side lay, Mechanic double sheet control, Micrometric adjustment of the lateral pull pay by touch panel +/- 3 mm. Optical fiber precision photocell system for front and side control + safety photocell for the sheet in advance Paper deformation compensator placed on the infeed cylinder with remote control, Automatic machine lock through over-register sensor, Mechanical sheet stop in case of misregistration or crooked sheet, Diagonal movement of the sheet grip mm. 0.3 with remote control, Preset for lateral blower air, Feeler foot with double ionizing antistatic blower Antistatic on feeder Set for Cardboard printing, Komorimatic damping, Mechanical compensator for the contact between the rollers, Unhinging of the manual dosing roller only on the motor side, Automatic roller wash-up device, Hybrid rollers, Inks de-clutching device on all the printing units Inking unit with remote distributor-roller ,adjustment between gripper and tail Automatic blanket washers with cloth Automatic impression cylinder washers with cloth, Speed ​​Acceleration: damping roller with accelerated peripheral speed, FAPC Automatic plate change without folding in side tale and with sequence (does not require the presence of the operator) Blanket cylinders with anti-rust treatment Double diameter impression cylinders with anti-rust treatment Plate cylinders with anti-rust treatment Skeleton Transfer cylinders with Venturi system 3 Ink Oscillating Form Roller Refrigeration complete with ink temperature control Inkwell drum motorized Remote adjustment of the pick-up roller temperature No. 1 H-UV lamp between 1&2 printing unit Varnishing unit System in line Type V with chambered doctor blade + 1 anilox with extended delivery (circuit wash-up, registers and paper thickness remote controlled; anti shadow grippers in delivery), No. 1 extra anilox roller Automatic blanket and impression cylinder washing device aof the coating unit, Dual wash-up circulation system TRESU Coating Circulator Lock/unlock clamps of blanket on the varnishing unit without using tools Motorized, programmable grippers opening command cam adjustment with speed ,compensation in delivery, Antistatic in delivery IR/HOT AIR GraphiSet4 IVT Baldwin dryer, Powder Spray, Commands for stop/start ink damping and inking unit in delivery, Commands for attaching / detaching inking rollers and wetters for rapid de-inking, Automatic lateral pile adjusting control, 18.000 speed/h, Transformer, Plate punch, Machine prepared for adding UV/HUV/HUV-LED Machine elevated without plints,

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    240 mill.

  • Delivery date

    March 2022

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