XL 105-6PLX3

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    XL 105-6PLX3

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  • Format

    75x105 cm

  • Configuration

    Prinect PressCenter, Press Center MasterLevel, Press Center WallScren, Press Center Instant Gate, Prinect Inpress Control, Autoplate XL, Preset Pus Feeder, Speed 15.000 c/h, 6/0 ; 2/4 Fully Automatic perfecting device, Extended Delivery X3, Ultrasonic double-sheet control, StaticStar Compact, Multiple sheet control/Forwarding roller, Double sheet detector - pulling device, Roller wash-up device controlled by Prinect Press Center, Blanket and impression cylinders automatic washing devices with cloths by Prinect Press Center, Hycolor damping + Vario system, Air Transfer System Venturi, CombiStar CANopen : Technotrans Beta.c ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration + Alcosmart, Varnishing unit, Tresu chambered doctor blade system, with anilox roller, Coating Star : heat coater system, Preset Plus Delivery , PowderStar Weko AP 500 Duo, DryStar 3000 Combination via CanOpen , ScrollStar : Atlas Copco compressor, AirStar Pro : central air box water cooled, CleanStar : suction powder device,

  • Counter reading

    265 mill.

  • Delivery date

    April 2021

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