RA 145 SIS-6+L CX ALV2


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Ref K.0273
Hersteller KBA
Farben 6
Modell/Typ RA 145 SIS-6+L CX ALV2
Baujahr 2009
Format 1050 x 1450 cm
Ausstattung Speed 17.000 b/h, DensiTronic S, QualiTronic Professional, SIS Sensoric Infeed System Electromechanic sheet control Additional Double sheet control, Non-Stop Rollo on feeder, ACR control - video register, Non-stop feeder with automatic pile logistic FAPC fully automatic plate change Ink, blanket and impression cylinders automatic washing devices, Filtration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta.f, Technotrans Hi-Tech Combi beta.c cooling device ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration + AlcoSmart VARNISHING UNIT WITH HARRIS & BRUNO ,CHAMBERED DOCTOR BLADE SYSTEM, Infra Red dryer with hot air, EXTENDED DELIVERY 2600 mm Grafix Megatronic powderspray with ionisation KBA Powder exhaust DustControl, Becker air cabinet water cooled, AIR Cooling for main electrical cabinet, dryer and cabinet, Palet Logistics
Zählerstand 240 Mio.
Liefertermin September 2020
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