SP 104 ER


Ref B.0246
Hersteller BOBST
Modell/Typ SP 104 ER
Baujahr 1997
Format 74x104
Ausstattung Speed 7.500 s/h, Automatic Universal feeder with non stop facility, CUBE control system, Adjustable feed table with complement of infeed table furniture, No. 2 fast male tightening, CE Certificate, No. 1 universal frame, No. 1 fast female tightening, Centre Line, Blanking station, Direct pallet loading, Left and right hand side register lays, Bottom mounted gripper system,Double action stripping, Binder sheet insertion, Thin plate with micro metric adjustment, Tools for loading and transporting, Elevated 410 mm, Two stage front lay system,
Liefertermin April 2018
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