SP 104 ER


Ref B.0243
Hersteller BOBST
Modell/Typ SP 104 ER
Baujahr 1999
Format 72x104
Ausstattung Die Cutting machine equipped with Manual non stop for feeder, Motorized vertical correction for suction head, Lateral correction for feed tray. OSand OOS Side Lays (Parts needed for OOS), Conventional cutting chase, (2) Quick lockcutting chases, (2) Full cutting plates, Compensating plate for 1mm thin plates, Microadjustments for 1mm plates, (4) Upper stripping frames, (2) Lower stripping frames, (8)Cross bars for mounting male tools in upper stripper or upper blanker, (14) Long crossbarsfor upper and lower stripping pins, (25) 45mm long pin holders, (25) 77mm long pinholders. Assortment of upper stripping pins, (50) Lower stripping pins, (4) Upper blankingframes, (3) Long upper universal pushers, (3) Medium upper universal pushers, (4) Upperblanker bars for mounting male tool, 45mm long holders for universal pushers, 77mm long holders for universal pushers, (3) Lower pull out blanking frames, Assortment of joggers for lower universal blanking frame, (5) Fliptop double and 1 side non stop swords for delivery, Regular non stop sword for delivery, Easytransfer device, (Transportwagons for easytransfer, Stripping pre set table, Bernoulli tablet at stripping station with
Liefertermin April 2018
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