XL 105-6LX



Ref H.0238
Farben 6
Modell/Typ XL 105-6LX
Baujahr 2006
Format 72x105 cm
Ausstattung Preset plus feeder and delivery, CP 2000 Cleanstar, and washstar , Eltex anti static package at feeder and delivery, Enhanced air transfer, Hycolor combination inking and dampening, Combi star ink temp control, New style coater with chamber doctor blade, Pre set plus delivery with X2 extension, Non stop feeder and delivery, AP 500 powderstar sprayer, Dry star IR drying system, 6 units of technotrans inkline, speed 18.000 s/h
Zählerstand 225 Mio.
Liefertermin November 2017
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