CD 102-5 LX


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Ref H.0219
Farben 5
Modell/Typ CD 102-5 LX
Baujahr 2000
Format 72 x 102 cm
Ausstattung CP2000, Alcolor with Vario, varnish supply unit 360l/h, ANILOX Coating, Auto Register, Technotrans combination device, dampening solution temperature control, water-cooled, program-controlled washup device, remote distributor-roller adjustment, blanket washup device, washing fluid disposal, AutoPlate Plus, HD Register, UV preparation,delivery, Preset stream feeder, Non Stop Feeder, pull lay control, rear edge blowers, interface adapter, extended delivery, HD version 2, dryer cabinet version cowater-cooled, PowderSpray device Exatr. Duo Plus, CleanStar Preset, Antistatic Eltex Ionizing bar in the feeder, 2 neutralizer blowers in the feeder, ionizer in the delivery, AirStar Pro, water-cooled, elevated machine 500 mm
Zählerstand 155 Mio.
Liefertermin Februar 2017
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