XL 105-8P


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Ref H.0240
Manufacturer HEIDELBERG
Colours 8
Model/Typ XL 105-8P
Year of construction 2008
Format 75x105
Configuration POST DRUPA 2008, Automatic perfecting device 8/0; 4/4 Printable tickness capacity from 0.03 to 1 mm.; perfecting 0.06 mm., PRINECT PRESS CENTER touch screen consolle, AXIS CONTROL : Spectrophotometric and densitometric Color Measurement, S/W PRESS CENTER INSTANT GATE, S/W Press Center Color Assistant, Autoplate Advanced: semiautomatic plate change, PRESET PLUS FEEDER , Steel plate on feeder, Multiple-sheet detector/ tear-off, Multiple sheet control/Forwarding roller, Ultrasonic double-sheet control, Double sheet detector - pulling device, StaticStar Compact: antistatic bar on feeder, two ionizator heads on feeder, four half ionizator bars in delivery, HYCOLOR + VARIO SYSTEM damping COMBISTAR CAN : Tecnotrans ink temp control combined with damping refrigeration + Alcosmart Roller wash up device controlled by Prinect Press Center, Filtration System of the dampening solution Technotrans Beta.f, Blanket cylinders automatic washing devices by Prinect Press Center, Impression cylinder washing device by Prinect Press Center, Air Transfer System Venturi, PRESET PLUS DELIVERY:, CLEAN STAR : powder exhauster in delivery, Weko PowderStar AP500 Duo, Steel plate in delivery, Intercom system: Microphone communication, AIRSTAR : central air box water cooled, SCROLLSTAR: Atlas Copco compressor
Counter reading 155 mill.
Delivery date February 2018
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